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Damian Yerrick's Pinocchio jokes archive: Some of them are funny; some are not.

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Noddy and related trademarks belong to Enid Blyton Ltd.

I don't know what the late British children's author Enid Blyton was smoking when she created Noddy, a little wooden boy who looks like Pinocchio. In fact, the initial stories in the Noddy books parallel the opening of Pinocchio (Mr. Carver makes a puppet, it runs off...). Blyton wrote 24 books about Noddy, and now it's on the American PBS public television network. I once posted a Noddy fan page to Pinocchio's Brother, but Enid Blyton Ltd. (EBL), the owner of the Noddy trademarks and the books' copyrights, threatened to sue me over copyright infringement and libel; I promptly took down the page. This was before I knew that the use of a picture of Noddy on my fan page was fair use, that the fair use of portions of a copyrighted work is not infringement, that comment with supporting facts is fair comment, that fair comment is not libel, and that a threat by a big corporation to sue an individual or small organization over a petty matter is harassment.
Read about the incident

I'm "officially" not allowed to link any site I operate to any site operated or licensed by Enid Blyton Ltd. I'll humor them for a while:

Save up to 40% or more on books about Noddy from
Someone else's unofficial fan page has been taken down.
The name "noddy" has been adopted as a computer jargon term meaning "Hello World" or any other short, throwaway program, which in the States would be called "mickey mouse code" after a Walt Disney character. (No, I'm not referring to the Allegro 3.9xx driver library's mouse driver.
Look for Noddy on several search engines.

OK, I give up. Here's, the official Blyton site. So sue me.
Or sue the author of Frankentoons, an example of civil disobedience by fair use of copyrighted works.

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