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Pindexes: Pinocchio (1940)

This page has been censored for your viewing pleasure. Q is Geppetto; 008 is Pinocchio. Bold signifies inactive links; underlined text is a link.

This is censored; words such as gender and donkey may be grammatically wrong in many places because my censor does a simple search and replace.
0:00 Walt Disney Classics; Dist. by Buena Vista; Story by Collodi? Bull. 
0:01 Story Adaptation? More like thrown straight out the window! 
0:02 Jiminy Cricket Superstar has the Bug Bug. But letís call him Pepe. 
0:03 Bilevel multiplane was ahead of its time. 
0:04 Pepe is in. Heís warming his butt when he sees ClockWerx 
0:05 Here comes Q with Figaro. Pepeís got the moves. 
0:06 So 008ís name is Pinocchio. 
0:07 Song cue: little wooden head. But isnít a woodenhead a blockhead? 
0:08 Pepe makes a fool of himself; 008 kicks the cat.
0:09 008 acts like the cat; Q has no sox appeal; here comes the ClockWerx 
0:10 But Q still wonders what time it is. 
0:11 Some say Q and 008 look gay in a nightshirt. Liars. 
0:12 Figaro tweening error; the window is open. 
0:13 Standard "star light, star bright" line 
0:14 How do all those clocks stay wound? 
0:15 You need Breathe Right, Q. Here comes an alien in fairy form. 
0:16 But whereís the blue hair? And how does 008 already know perfect English? 
0:17 Fairy gives 008 the mission objectives; Pepe is 008ís conscience. 
0:18 Pepe tries to be Bond and gets new clothes. 
0:19 A heart to heart talk. 
0:20 Song cue: Give a little whistle 
0:21 Whip donkey. Have I seen that girl? Theyíre up. 
0:22 Q is more of a scaredy cat than Figaro; all I wanna do is shoot a gun 
0:23 Q isnít dreaming. 
0:24 Instead, Qís ecstatic. More music? 
0:25 Fire! Call 911! 
0:26 Now Cleoís bowl is polluted. Figaro has a color bug
0:27 Now thatís N64 level multiplane. Whereís Luigi the street singer
0:28 008 always calls Q father. Q gives him an apple; 008 does a head 360
0:29 There are Fox and Katt. Fox notices 008. 
0:30 Fox calls himself Honest John. Why? Heís Foulfellow in book adaptations of Disney. 
0:31 Iím OK. Why is that the ABC book and not NBC
0:32 Fox canít even spell 008. And he admits to being gay! 
0:33 Song cue: an actorís life for me 
0:34 Fox needs to be Richard Pried out 
0:35 Pepe gives 008 his Truman Show line. 
0:36 song cue: I got no strings to hold me down; he falls. 
0:37 And 008 doesnít know C. But he does a spin kick. 
0:38 Macarena cannot be danced with strings. 
0:39 Iím kicking my donkey, and now Iím rolling in lire. 
0:40 Q sentences his pets to malnutrition. 
0:41 So 008ís an actor now. Kind of like everybody but Truman. 
0:42 Fire-eater cages 008. Too bad Q hasnít given him gadgets yet. 
0:43 Teach the world to throw the liars in the fires. 
0:44 What about Pepe? 
0:45 Can he pick the lock? 
0:46 Itís the old model. Papa Q is coming. 
0:47 Heís made of wood but heís crying tears. Here comes fairy. 
0:48 The lies start. 
0:49 Itís as plain as the nose on your face. 
0:50 He didnít even have to tell the truth. 008 and Pepe get out. 
0:51 I didnít know they had Red Lobster back then! Thereís Fox and Katt. 
0:52 Is 008 a stupid little boy? 
0:53 cut tweening error; 008 is trying to go to school when heís caned 
0:54 by Fox and Katt. They play Doctor on 008. 
0:55 Heís allergic to life so heís going to Pleasure Island
0:56 Lampwick tries to be Bond
0:57 Theyíre on the boat. When they get there, the Muzak is Actorís Life. Huh? 
0:58 Donít smoke donít choke donít get sick. They broke 98 windows. Jackdonkey? 
0:59 Lampwick and 008 bust-a-move on the pool table. 
1:00 Sick! 008 wonít even shoot his own ball! 
1:01 Pepe sounds like Kenny from South Park, screwball. 
1:02 Jackdonkey? 
1:03 Pepe tries to leave, but the door is locked. He sees donkeys. 
1:04 The only beatle around here is mop-top Q from Xmas. Whatís in Lampwickís donkey? 
1:05 Lampwick is a donkey. 
1:06 008 begins to turn into one. 
1:07 Dry land is Papaís destiny. 
1:08 Youíve got mail. Pepe reads it to 008. Because wood floats, 008 has to 
1:09 rock and roll. 
1:10 How the heck do they breathe? 
1:11 Pepe parrots 008 and yells Father! 
1:12 So thatís how they recharge their oxygen supply. 
1:13 Gender alive. 
1:14 Inside the whale... 
1:15 Tuna bonus level for both Q 
1:16 and 008. 
1:17 008 has penetrated the base. Theyíre reunited but how will they leave? 
1:18 Take of the hat and donkey shows. 
1:19 They plan the escape strategy. 
1:20 Ah-choo! 
1:21 Weíre in the last level. 
1:22 The battle is nothing like Nintendoís version
1:23 Again, they forget heís wood
1:24 Is it game over for 008? Notice Q never says die. 
1:25 That is not JTT. Itís someone else. This cartoon can actually act.
1:26 More ClockWerx. So thereís Pepeís badge. 
1:27 The End/A Walt Disney Production 
If you need explanation for one of my obscure cultural references, itís probably already in boldface, and Iím working on it. ˇ