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Pindexes: Pinocchio's Christmas

This page has been censored for your viewing pleasure. Q is Geppetto; 008 is Pinocchio. Bold signifies inactive links; underlined text is a link.

This is censored; words such as gender and donkey may be grammatically wrong in many places because my censor does a simple search and replace.
0:00 They're all made of wood! 008 calls Q "Papa Geppetto"; what's white rain
0:01 Fox and Katt are back. I hope it turns out OK, knock on wood! 
0:02 Pinocchio's Christmas © 1980 Rankin/Bass 
0:03 Who's Todd Porter? 
0:04 Q's starting with the man in the mirror
0:05 He doesn't even have a cent! 
0:06 So 008 knows his ABCs; now he's learning his 123s. There goes his nose! 
0:07 Fox and Katt show up. They're farfromtr*thful about a money tree. 
Change this line! 
0:08 Gonna get lucky? Knock on your own self. He said daddy. 
0:09 Fire-eater is called Fire-eater. He sounds like Tigger. 
0:10 They said pennies. Either this is a good donkey translation or they bleeped up. 
0:11 008 alias Sir Larry Olive-tree acts. Let 'em laugh. 
0:12 Her name is Giulietta. 
0:13 But here comes Q. 
0:14 Giulietta's gonna morph into something 008 will 00 hate. 
0:15 Here comes the cap. 
0:16 008 tells Giulietta his story. There's Antonio Cherry. 008 is Kenny from South Park
0:17 Q gets the log. 
0:18 Unlike Pepe, Q is a beatle. 008 names himself Pinocchio. 
0:19 008 kicks Q's donkey. Q will be 008's father figure
0:20 008 meets Fox and Katt. Pepe has the bug bug
0:21 Red Lobster? Back then? Like in Disney
0:22 Is that Quasimodo from Victor Hugo's The Hunchback of Notre Dame? 
0:23 Buy this. Buy that. 
0:24 Fox lies to 008 about Giulietta. May lightning 
0:25 strike them down. 
0:26 Fire-eater tries to use a standard marionette instead of 008. 
0:27 fairy's name is Azora. She claims maternity. Pepe is a doctor now. 
0:28 girlfriend already been carved
0:31 Q finds the lifeless Sir Larry Olive-tree puppet. 
0:32 Song cue. 
0:33 Still going... 
0:34 008 heads home but meets Fox and Katt. The wooden boy has all the bases 
0:35 covered, or so he thinks. Katt keeps bleeping up. 
0:36 He's going. But here comes Quasi. Are those donkeys from Terra Magica
0:37 What is weakened glee? It isn't Santa's castle. 
0:38 That guy's got an even longer nose! 
0:39 The kids aren't impressed. I'd take R&B any day. 
0:40 Oh I get it! Father means duke, and Papa means Q. 
0:41 That's santa but he doesn't recognize 008 as Randy
0:42 Q is still crying when 008 waltzes in. Giulietta lives. 
0:43 Everyone has Christmas breakfast. Oh what those oats can do
0:44 A sneak preview of 008's later life. Even the real boy looks wooden
0:45 Roll the Rankin/Bass credits.