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pinocchio's brother

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Damian is a whiz at editing images to make them look, well, different. He is especially good at cutting the legs off people in pictures he takes with his Olympus D-340L digital camera.

If you own the copyright and want me to take these down, mail me.

Damian Yerrick (as Simon Seville) talking to Alvin Seville, who is seated on a rocking horse.

Once, I slowed Simon Seville's voice down by one-half, and it sounded just like my own voice. Not only that, Simon and I have much in common: we're both brainiacs, etc.

Seven "varieties" of apple

There are several varieties of apple. The encyclopedia did not list Macintosh, McIntosh, Mackintosh, or however you spell it, so I inserted an image associated with Macintosh.

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Damian legless This is how Damian would look without legs.