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This page has been censored for your viewing pleasure. Q is Geppetto; 008 is Pinocchio. Bold signifies inactive links; underlined text is a link.

abbreviation for Pinocchio; the 8 is "ocho" in the Spanish spelling "Pinocho." 
All I wanna do
“is have some fun,” sang Sheryl Crow. There exist alternate lyrics, inspired by Wal*Mart’s refusal to carry her album: 

All I wanna do is buy a gun, 
Get it at Wal*Mart; I might wanna shoot someone. 
All I wanna do is buy a gun. 
I got a feeling I’m not the only one. 
All I wanna do is buy a gun, 
And if they don’t like it they can shove it up Santa Monica Boulevard.

Breathe Right
Drug-free nasal strips for fixing many breathing problems including sniffling and snoring. 
bug bug
Sometimes, Pinocchio’s cricket is drawn with only four limbs instead of the six that all insects (including crickets) are born with. Is the cricket an amputee? 
A video game from Taito in which you have to use the laws of billiard physics to knock three balls of the same color together. In Japan, this game was called Puzzle Bobble. 
Carving 008 a girlfriend
Pinocchio’s girlfriend is mentioned in New Line, Christmas, and Emperor of the Night. 
Dry land
is what everybody was looking for in Kevin Costner’s megaflop movie Waterworld
Volkswagen at one time used as its ad slogan “Fahrvergnügen,” which meant “fun to drïve.” This inspired T-shirts such as “Farfromnörmal,” “Farfromsöber,” etc. 
Father Figure
A song by George Michael that parallels much of the Pinocchio story. 
Geppetto's cat was called Figaro in Disney and Nina in New Line but was not mentioned in the original novel.
Collodi called him Fire-eater. So did Rankin-Bass. Disney called him Stromboli; New Line called him Lorenzini, a strange dig at the author himself.
Forget he’s wood
Often, the writers screw up and write parts of the action as if Pinocchio were made of material the same density as flesh. Let's face it; pine floats. As the Foo Fighters said, “He floats.
Fox and Katt
The two villains were called Fox and Cat in the original novel and Honest John and Gideon in Disney. Fox and Katt is an alternate spelling from Star Fox 64. See Pinocchio Kart 64.
Liar Liar
A movie with Jim Carrey that has nothing to do with Pinocchio. 
man in the mirror
A song by Michael Jackson; the title implies that if you want to change the world, start with yourself. 
Monstro the whale
In Collodi’s original book, it was not a whale but a shark. 
Music video
Why do characters sing in movies? Maybe it's because they think the world is one giant music video.
Prince of Persia
was the first computer game to support grabbing onto a ledge with the character's arms and pulling oneself up. 
Q is the man who gives gadgets to James Bond. But he looks like Malcolm Geppetto Baldini, the "father" of the puppet. 
Randy Taylor: A real boy more wooden than the puppet?
Looks like New Line's Pinocchio because they were both played by Jonathan Taylor Thomas, one of the worst actors in movies, even though he was thought to be a hunk until Leonardo DiCrappio came around. 

Wooden is how some critics described Jonathan Taylor Thomas’s performance in The Adventures of Pinocchio

Teach the world
" throw the liars in the fires" is the commonly misheard version of a line from Smash Mouth’s "Walkin’ on the Sun," but it tends to apply in some weird way to Pinocchio.
Terra Magica, Pleasure Island, etc.
They all mean the same thing, an amusement park that exists solely for the purpose of turning boys into donkeys. 
The track
When I walked out of the movie theater after watching New Line, a song stuck in my head. It was the one where all the boys were skipping to school.
tries to be Bond
“My name is Bond. James Bond.” When a character introduces himself by his last name and then gives his full name. “My name is Lampwick. Romeo Lampwick.”
The Truman Show
Jim Carrey doesn’t know that he is the star of a television show and that all the people around him are actors, given their lines by two-way radio.
In animated motion pictures, a lead animator draws "key" frames, and then the tweeners draw the in-between frames. Sometimes, the tweeners screw up, and the continuity checkers miss the error. Nearly the same thing can happen in the ink and paint (coloring) department. Sometimes, it’s just cartoon physics, a course which is not (to my knowledge) offered at any school, not even the best engineering school in the U.S.
Used as a fictitious credit card anywhere Visa would constitute infringement. It's also the second half of the name of a search engine and the second half of the name of Disney’s distribution company, Buena Vista. 
white rain
It can be either snow or a brand of shampoo. 
Is it an operating system or are they glass panels through which to look?
(end of glossary)